Sports Are The Ultimate Friendship Finders

Sports are such a finite part of this universe. Normal people lack obsessive interest in records and intricacies in highlight-reel plays. Fans – and writers – see things differently. There’s no way to explain to a normal person the importance of something sports-related. They never get it.

That’s important to remember. It reminds us all that sports aren’t that big of a deal. In one way, they create the vacuum where we exist every minute of every day. In another way – a much bigger way – they reminds of how trivial stat lines and record books are. 

So, while it’s important that we find safety in the friendships we find, we realise that sports merely serve as the vehicle for interaction. On a dreary day when nothing goes right, a text about last night’s game can make the difference. That difference – the one that alters the mood enough to enrich moments – found me through sports. 

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